About BeNat

A bit more about US

We are a small company established in Weston, FL, founded by me, a mom of 3, who simply wants the best for her kids, my family and other families like us. We want to raise awareness of the importance of using sustainable and natural hygiene and beauty products in our daily lives. In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with commercial products that have hurtful chemicals without us even knowing.
We are passionate about promoting healthy and natural choices for families that care about the environment and are looking for a simple, clean, and effective products that are actually good for yourself and our planet.
Our products are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, in small batches with love.

Our mission is to promote ethical beauty while committing to minimal or zero waste.
We dream big, and want more people to join our cause, if you feel the same, whether you are a small salon, spa, store, bed & breakfast or someone with a good network of friends that think like us, we would love to make you a BeNat partner!

Additional Information

Crafted with love in small batches with natural ingredients that really works.
Our deodorants and shampoos & conditioner bars are batched and hand poured with love and true care.
Please note this is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants use aluminum salts and other chemicals to clog sweat glands with bad stuff.
Our deodorant is loved by kids, teens, marathoners, doctors, waitress, moms and everyone in between.
Worry-Free Products. True Care
If you are switching from full infused chemical antiperspirant or deodorant, allow your body a few days to detox.
Just apply this stick only enough to cover your armpit, you donĀ“t need over-apply or re-apply.

Please note! The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made by BeNat as to the medicinal value of any ingredient use by us.
The information here presented is for sharing about the traditional uses of ingredients and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Customers are responsible for understanding the safe application of these ingredients. If you have any question, please email us for further information.